June 2, 2022

Things to keep in mind when choosing a dental surgeon for complex surgeries

Dental implants are one of the most complex dental procedures. Cases like full mouth reconstruction involve multiple presurgical and post-surgical concerns. Some cases of implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, etc., may even require a certain type of surgical procedure that may go beyond the scope of general dental expertise. 

It is best to refer your patients to a trusted and experienced dental surgeon in such a scenario. Choosing the right dental surgeon for such complex cases is crucial to ensuring your patient's oral wellness and also to building credibility and trust for your practice in the community. We understand how referring your patients to the right surgeon can be challenging and risky. So here are several important factors to consider while evaluating a dental surgeon: 


A study revealed that most dental implant failures happen because of mistakes by the implantologist. Since a minor error can cause complications that jeopardize the entire procedure, it is vital to choose an implant dentist who has competence in leading the surgery. Cases like full mouth reconstruction must be performed by a skilled dentist, someone with cosmetic and restorative dentistry experience. The dentist you choose must possess the knowledge, training, experience, and track record for advanced procedures to minimize the risk of failure. 


Dental implant surgeons must be specialized in a field that goes much further than basic dental training. Knowing your surgeon's education, training, and approach to patient care is a critical part of choosing your surgeon.  Ensure that they have a practicing state license and the right professional training. You may also want to get an idea of their approach to the process and patient care to choose if they are the best suited for your patients.

Safety & comfort

Your patient's safety and comfort are the topmost priorities when choosing a dental surgeon. The dental surgeon you are looking for must have a patient-focused approach with a team committed to ensuring your patients are comfortable and safe during the procedure. Make sure the dentist follows covid safety and hygiene protocols. 


Dental treatment costs are usually an obstacle for most patients. Choosing an oral surgeon that offers flexible and multiple investment and financing options is crucial. Choose a surgeon that provides a variety of financing options: from at least 6 to 90 months and works with different PPO insurance plans such as Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, etc.

Professional care from our experienced dental surgeons:

Get treated by doctors who have helped 1000s of patients improve their overall health, smile, and confidence through various dental implant procedures.

We, at Park 40, are built on a select group of advanced implant dentists focused on providing a life-changing permanent prosthetic solution to patients. With full mouth dental restoration as our strong suit, we commit to providing the highest quality treatment for your patients.

All of our specialists are in-house, allowing them to communicate confidentially and efficiently about the treatment. We offer All-on-4, Full-Arch Dental Implant Bridge, implant-supported dentures, bone grafting, and many more services. Our success is based on utilizing the established in-house Premier 3D CAD clinical laboratory and restorative protocols and setting the golden standard for full-arch restoration. 

Secure a life-changing experience for your patients with us:

  • Refer us today for advanced dental surgical treatments and get a free consultation worth $750 for your patients.

  • Ensure the highest quality treatment by world-leading dental implant experts. 

  • Your patients' safety and comfort are our top priority.

  • We offer affordable and customized plans.

  • Multiple 3rd party financing options are available.


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