Full Mouth Reconstruction NYC
July 21, 2021

How Long For A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As a patient, many doubts and fears can arise when you hear that you need a full mouth restoration, and you can only wonder about the time the procedure will take. One patient's needs can differ from another, so it is difficult to say how long a full mouth reconstruction will take for any one person, as there are different types. 

In addition, your dentist will take into account your general health and recent surgeries. The process begins when you receive your first consultation, and your condition is closely monitored through your recovery. At Park 40, New York’s premier dental implant center, we consider every detail so that your journey is rewarding with excellent results.

A Full Mouth Restoration is Achieved Through Different Steps

Consultation and Evaluation

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your needs and goals. Your prosthodontist will perform a thorough examination and diagnostic imaging necessary to detect all oral health problems. The consultation will also focus on reviewing your medical and dental history. Once all pertinent information is gathered, the treatment planning process can begin.

Planning The Next Steps

The first step of treatment is always to fix the disease or damage that may be affecting the health of your gums, teeth, bone tissue, and body. Establishing good overall dental health is the foundation for successful treatment, medicine, and cosmetic procedures later in your treatment plan.

Reconstruction Process

When the potential disease is no longer present in the bone or gum tissue, reconstructive dental treatment can begin. Depending on the specific procedures you undergo, this phase of treatment may require only a few visits or a series of appointments.

Getting a New Smile

When your final restorations are done, your dentist will check the fit and appearance before completing the final steps of your treatment. If last-minute adjustments are necessary, your prosthodontist may consult with one of our in-house ceramists to discuss the changes.

It is not unusual for these revisions to be made quickly while you are still in the chair due to our in-office facilities. Whether your final restorations are secured in place, attached to your healed dental implants, or snapped into position, we strive to provide you with a beautiful, functional smile

Since this is an extensive and delicate procedure, the healing and adjustment process will take a few weeks as it is new to you. Still, you should not expect discomfort or pain. You will have a few appointments with your dentist during the healing process to make sure everything is under control.

Full Mouth Reconstruction NYC

Be Proud Of Your Smile Again

When you are looking for a full-mouth restoration in NYC, your best option is Park 40, a professional dental implant center specializing in full dental restoration and other dental services such as dental implants. We make sure to give you the best service possible so you leave with a beautiful smile.


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