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Dr. Hankyu Cho, DDS, MS

Meet Your Top-Rated Board-Certified Periodontist in New York.

Dr. Hankyu Cho Top-Rated Board-Certified Periodontist in New York

Meet Dr. Hankyu Cho

Dr. Hankyu Cho is a top-rated Board-Certified Periodontist in New York, specializing in treating gum disease and implant surgeries. His expertise with the latest surgical techniques and digital technology places him as an expert in his field. Dr. Cho’s superb skills in periodontal bone regeneration, periodontal soft tissue grafting, and the placement of dental implants are simply an art. When it comes to taking a smile from “good” to “unbelievable” with world-class periodontal techniques, Dr. Cho’s approach is second to none. When you choose Dr. Hankyu Cho as your Periodontist in New York, you are choosing to receive exceptional first-class patient care. Dr. Cho is the type of periodontist who clearly belongs on the elite team at Park 40. An elite team working together under one roof offering you the best oral restoration care in the New York area

  • Practicing since 2016 
  • Fluent in English and Korean
  • Dedicated to patient safety and satisfaction

Four Reasons to Choose Dr. Hankyu Cho


NYC Board-Certified Periodontist

Specializes in treating gum disease and implant surgeries


Minimizes Recovery Time

His unparalleled surgical skills reduces post-op recovery time


Bilingual in English and Korean

Enables his non-English speaking patients to feel welcome 


Comprehensive Periodontal Care

Provides non-surgical and surgical treatment of periodontal diseases

About Dr. Hankyu Cho

Dr. Cho attended Vanderbilt University, where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. He completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and an additional 3-year Master of Science degree in Periodontics at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. The specialty program in periodontics included not only treating gum disease but also comprehensive training in treatment planning involving implant dentistry, with strong emphasis on the surgical placement of implants and bone regeneration techniques.Giving back to the community is important to Dr. Cho. While in dental school at Columbia, he frequently volunteered at oral health screenings in the New York area, and traveled to Guatemala to bring free dental care to impoverished patients. Dr. Cho is also fluent in Korean

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